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EGT Thermocouple Probe Wiring and Setup
Author: Matt Liknaitzky Reference Number: AA-00552 Views: 32436 Created: 2014-03-13 16:23 Last Updated: 2014-03-13 17:01 0 Rating/ Voters

Attached are settings and wiring connections for Exhaust Gas Temperature senders. This guide can be used to help if you are experiencing problems or if you suspect your EGTs are reading incorrectly.

Remember to follow these 3 Steps first when troubleshooting senders.

EGT Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Are senders wired with the correct polarity? Read this article
  2. Are senders in the correct channels? Read this article
  3. Is the correct Type thermocouple selected? Read this article
  4. A practical test you can do to determine if your EGT is reading correctly. Read this article

There are 2 common types of EGT Probe, Clamp-type probes for most engines, including Lycoming, and M8 x 1 threaded probes for Rotax engines.


Instructions for EGT Clamp Probes for Lycoming Engines:

  • Install the EGTs between 2 and 4 inches down the exhaust pipes (based on engine manufacturer recommendations)
  • Make sure EGTs do not protrude into cowling
  • Use ‘EGT, Small Clamps’ on most installations. When pipes are greater than 1 ½” diameter, then ‘EGT, Large Clamps’ are recommended
  • Drill a ¼” hole for clamp-type probes
  • Use Thermocouple Channels TC1 through TC4 if you have a 4-cyl engine. Use TC1 through TC6 if you have a 6-cyl engine.
  • Remember that all EGTs are type K thermocouples and that Yellow is Positive and Red is Negative
  • Extend EGT leads if necessary with type-K extension wire (Instructions Here)