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Why are the Radio PTT labelled Hi and Lo - Push-to-talk
Author: Matt Liknaitzky Reference Number: AA-00694 Views: 7462 Created: 2015-01-20 18:36 Last Updated: 2015-01-20 18:36 0 Rating/ Voters

All MGL Avionics V6 and V10 radio harnesses have PTT wires labelled PTT Hi and PTT Lo. This terminology can be confusing to some, so it is explained below.

PTT Hi is the PTT signal wire
PTT Lo is the PTT Ground wire

Often airframe Ground is used as PTT Ground so this wire is not included, but we run the radio Ground wire out of the harness so that installers can use a nice clean radio Ground for PTT to prevent noise from entering the system.

So, when wiring the radio, connect the PTT Hi and the PTT Lo to each side of the PTT switch and when these 2 wires make contact when you close the switch, Press-To-Talk is activated.