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11 iBox and iEFIS Extender Analog Inputs requiring Ground Switch to activate remote functions

The iBox and iEFIS Extender Analog inputs require momentary contact with Power (12 Volts) to activate the various remote control functions available (check in Digital Inputs setup - example below). These functions are normally activated with hat switches…

12 SP-12 TABS GPS Manual and Harness Schematic and ADS-B setup manual

Below is the manual and wiring schematic (for the available harness) for the MGL Avionics SP-12 GPS (for 2020-compliant position sourcing for ADS-B Out devices for Experimentals and LSAs). Also, the iEFIS Mode-S and ADS-B Setup Instructions are included The…

13 iEFIS: Installing Custom Screen Designs

When installing Custom Screen Designs that may have been sent to you in a Zipfile, follow these instructions Instructions: • Save Zipfile to PC • Unzip file and save contents of file to folder on PC • Copy all FILES from this folder and paste onto SD…

14 iEFIS Standard System Selections

To setup your iEFIS and iEFIS Lite display (when using standard screen layouts - not custom) for the engine you have (example Lycoming 4/6-cyl, or Rotax or Jabiru/other 4/6 cylinder) and to setup the number of fuel tanks you have and whether you have fuel…

15 Simulator: Function Not Available In Flight

This article relates to use of the MGL Avionics iEFIS Simulator (not the actual EFIS). If you get the message "Not Available in Flight" when trying to adjust settings in the Simulator Menu, this is because the unit has detected it is in flight mode. So, in…

16 iEFIS Altimeter Calibration Manual

Attached is the iEFIS Altimeter Calibration Manual

17 ECB Switch Kit LED Orientation

When assembling the ECB (Electronic Circuit Breaker) Switch Kit, the FLAT side of the LED light goes on the LEFT side when looking at the PCB in this orientation (from the front with the switch at the top):

18 Setup of the uAvionix EchoUAT ADS-B with the iEFIS and iEFIS Lite

First, wire the EchoUAT to the iEFIS according to this article. The article shows using the EchoUAT with the Sandia transponder, but other transponders can be used. Then, follow the instructions below: Note: With the EchoUAT, the EFIS does NOT control the…

19 Harness Schematic for Sandia STX-165R and uAvionix EchoUAT ADS-B

Attached is the schematic for connecting both the uAvionix EchoUAT ADS-B and the Sandia STX-165R Remote Mode C Transponder. The RS-232 wires from the STX-165R can be connected to any channel on the iBox or any channel on the iEFIS Lite or iEFIS Extender.…

20 XTreme EFIS / EMS Wiring Schematic (engine only) - CAN bus

Simple XTreme EFIS/EMS to RDAC XF harness schematic. Click here for full XTreme EFIS harness schematic.

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