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21 MGL iEFIS Flight Data Recording Tool Manual

The iEFIS records all flight, engine and other data at 1 Hz to the iEFIS.rec recording file located on the front-mount SD card in the EFIS. The MGL EFIS Recording Tool for Windows (download here: http://www.mglavionics.co.za/tools.html) allows viewing of…

22 Setup of the Navworx ADS600-EXP ADS-B with the iEFIS and iEFIS Lite

First, wire the Navworx to the iEFIS according to this article. The article shows using the Navworx with the Sandia transponder, but other transponders can be used. Then, follow the instructions below: Note: With the Navworx ADS600-EXP (Experimental version…

23 iEFIS Video Showing What is in the Box, and CAN bus wiring

Video showing what you get in the box when you order an iEFIS with iBox. Video also describes how our available harness system connects devices on the CAN bus network.

24 SP-9 AHRS Manual

Attached is the manual for the SP-9 AHRS Sensor. SP-9 AHRS High grade ring gyro based AHRS and built in SP-6 magnetometer for magnetic heading. The SP-9 employs latest micro-machined ring gyroscope technology for performance that approaches FOG class ability…

25 Trig TY91 / TY92 Radio Interface Manual

Attached is the manual for connecting the iEFIS and iEFIS Lite to the Trig TY91 and TY92 radio for remote control.

26 Harness Schematic for Sandia STX-165R and Navworx ADS600-EXP ADS-B

Attached is the schematic for the available combined H-Navworx/STX165R harness for connecting both the Navworx ADS600-EXP ADS-B (Experimental) and the Sandia STX-165R Remote Mode C Transponder. The RS-232 wires from the STX-165R can be connected to any channel…

27 iEFIS Plates Manual

Attached is the iEFIS and iEFIS-Lite Plates manual

28 MGL Fuel Level Sender Calibration

MGL Avionics Capacitance Fuel Level Sender Calibration Senders are produced by Centroid Products MGL Avionics sell several standard lengths of capacitance probe (12" and 24" long). The senders can be bent above the black mark on the probe (first several inches…

29 iEFIS Extender Manual and Harness Schematics

Attached is the manual for the iEFIS Extender that can be used with the iEFIS (Discovery, Explorer and Challenger) and iEFIS Lite (Discovery-Lite, Explorer-Lite and Challenger-Lite) to add additional analog inputs and outputs as well as adding additional…

30 iEFIS Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs Manual

Attached is the manual for the iEFIS and iEFIS Lite analog and digital inputs and outputs. Note: some of these require the iEFIS Extender module

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