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41 iEFIS VSI and AOA Tone Generator Manual

Attached is the manual for the iEFIS VSI (variometer) and AOA (angle of attack) tone generator

42 iEFIS Rotorcraft Setup Manual

Attached is the manual for rotorcraft (helicopter and gyrocopter) setup for the iEFIS and iEFIS Lite.

43 XTreme 2 EFIS and EMS with RDAC VD

The new XTreme 2 EFIS and EMS (XTremes shipped from approx October 2014) no longer have the 'RDAC' optical signal wire, as they are designed for use with the RDAC XF via CAN bus. However, those wanting to connect the RDAC VD to the newer XTremes can use an…

44 iEFIS Panel Dimensions

Attached are the cutout panel dimensions and sizes of the iEFIS Challenger, Explorer and Discovery (Lite versions are the same size as regular units).

45 iEFIS Lite Pitot Static Tube adapters

iEFIS Lite units shipped in the USA have 3/32" to 3/16" pitot/static tube adapters included in the box. These allow the user to connect the pitot and static ports on the iEFIS Lite to a more standard 3/16" Inside Diameter hose. Ensure that these hoses are…

46 Circuit Breaker Size

See FAA AC 43.13-1B for guidelines on aircraft wiring and circuit breaker sizes: http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/advisory_circulars/index.cfm/go/document.information/documentid/99861

47 iEFIS Lite Harness Wiring Schematics

Attached is the schematic for the available iEFIS Lite wiring harness. This harness can be used for the Discovery-Lite, Explorer-Lite and Challenger-Lite. It contains the Power/Ground connections, CAN bus connections and RS-232 connections.

48 iEFIS Lite User Manual

The iEFIS Lite Manual, Getting Started and Quick Calibration is attached. This should be used in collaboration with the standard iEFIS manuals found here.

49 XTreme EFIS Weights and Current Draws

Below are the system weights and Current loads of the XTreme mini EFIS/EMS. We recommend putting the EFIS system components on a 5 Amp Circuit Breaker. If radio and transponder are used, these can be placed on another 5 Amp Circuit breaker. If autopilot is…

50 Trig TT21 / TT22 Remote Mode-S Transponder Connection Manual

Attached is the manual for connecting the Trig Remote Mode-S Transponder to the MGL Avionics Odyssey/Voyager and iEFIS systems. This solution provides a simple-to-use interface for a Trig Avionics TT21 or TT22 transponder. MGL Avionics have an i nterface…

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