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71 Floscan Fuel Flow Sensor Manual

Attached is the Floscan 201A-6, 201B-6, 201C-6 Manual

72 What is the K-Factor of the Floscan Fuel Flow Sensor?

Each Floscan model 201A-6, 201B-6 or 201C-6 is shipped with a tag attached to it. This tag has a number that looks something like this: 16-3200 What this means is that the sensor was calibrated at 16 GPH to have a K-factor of 32,000 (you have to multiply…

73 Thermocouple Order - which goes first EGT or CHT?

In all MGL Avionics instruments (except iEFIS), including Velocity Singles and Infinity Singles and all RDAC connections for MGL Avionics Enigma, Odyssey and Voyager EFISs, the following rules apply regarding the order in which EGT and CHT probes are connected:…

74 Fuel Flow Sensor Common Problems (Plastic Model)

The most common problems with the plastic fuel flow sensor not giving a reading (or given a low reading) are: Restrictor jet not installed correctly: The small restrictor jet is included with the flow sensor and needs to be installed in engines with fuel…

75 Fuel Flow Sensor (Plastic Model) Manual

Below is the manual for the plastic Fuel Flow Sensor

76 Transponder Gray Code (Gillham Code) Reference

This reference shows the Gray Code output of an altitude encoder (including the gray code outputs on all MGL Avionics equipment that outputs it). This can be used to trouble shoot harnesses and encoders. Some transponders will display the gray code they are…

77 Fuel Flow Sensor (plastic) K-factors and Jet Sizes

Please see the attached table for K-factors and Jet Sizes for the plastic Fuel Flow Sensor: Fuel Flow Sensor Jet Sizes l/Gal Flow Rates 3.785 l/Min Gal/hr Min Max Min Max K-Factor Jet (803) 1mm 0.05 0.5 0.8 7.9 17000 Jet (815) 2mm 0.10 1.5 1.6 23.8 7000 Recommended…

78 Can I extend CHT and EGT Thermocouple probes?

Should you wish to increase the length of the leads of your CHT or EGT probes, this can be done. Our type-K EGTs and CHTs probes should be extended with type-K extension wire directly to the RDAC, or if the RDAC is mounted outside the engine compartment (or…

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