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1 AvioGuard Manual

The AvioGuard Manual is attached

2 Vega COM/NAV Control Head Manual

Attached is the manual for the Vega 2 1/4" Controller for MGL Avionics VHF Com and Nav radio transceivers

3 V16 and Razor/Vega Harness Schematics

Attached are harness schematics for connecting up a 2-place (or single place) harness for wiring the V16 COM Radio and connecting to Razor and Vega Control Heads. Harness available for purchase from MGL Avionics.

4 MGL Avionics V16 COM Radio ICD

Attached is the Interface Control Document for the V16 Aviation Airband Transceiver

5 MGL Avionics V16 Com Radio Manual

Attached is the manual for the MGL Avionics V16 Remote Aviation Tranceiver

6 iEFIS-Lite to V6 RS-232 Connection Diagram

Below is the connection diagram diagram for the iEFIS-Lite to V6 Com Radio. You can use either RS-232 Port 1 OR RS-232 Port 2 on the iEFIS-Lite (Discovery-Lite, Explorer-Lite, Challenger-Lite). You can also use any of the RS-232 Ports on the iEFIS Extender,…

7 MGL COM Radio Serial Communication Protocol

Attached is the MGL Avionics Radio RS-232 Communication Protocol for the V6, V6R and V10 transceivers.

8 Why are the Radio PTT labelled Hi and Lo - Push-to-talk

All MGL Avionics V6 and V10 radio harnesses have PTT wires labelled PTT Hi and PTT Lo. This terminology can be confusing to some, so it is explained below. PTT Hi is the PTT signal wire PTT Lo is the PTT Ground wire Often airframe Ground is used as PTT Ground…

9 Circuit Breaker Size

See FAA AC 43.13-1B for guidelines on aircraft wiring and circuit breaker sizes: http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/advisory_circulars/index.cfm/go/document.information/documentid/99861

10 V6 Com Radio Setup and Quick Reference

Here are the steps to setup the V6 Com radio and adjust the settings: Step 1: Adjust volume until you can receive a radio station clearly Step 2: Set the MIC level (while talking into the mic) until bar graph goes 2/3 of the way across the range Step 3: Set…

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