iBox and iEFIS Extender Analog Inputs requiring Ground Switch to activate remote functions


The iBox and iEFIS Extender Analog inputs require momentary contact with Power (12 Volts) to activate the various remote control functions available (check in Digital Inputs setup - example below). These functions are normally activated with hat switches and buttons on the control stick.

Since many joystick controls have a common Ground activation (not power), you can pull the iBox or iEFIS Extender analog inputs High (up to 12 Volts) by running 12 Volt power to each one of the analog inputs in question through an inline 4,700 ohm resistor. You can go down to a 2,200 ohm resistor if interference is expected.

This pulls the inputs to a High state, and then when you activate the Ground contact it pulls the input down to Ground and activates the function.

Full list of remote control functions is available here.