iBox and iEFIS Extender Analog Inputs Remote Control Functions


The iBox and iEFIS Extender Analog Inputs have a selection of Remote Control Functions available by selection. These functions are normally activated with hat switches and buttons on the control stick. Applying Power to one of the Analog/Digital inputs momentarily activates the function. If you need to apply Ground for the function, click here for instructions.

Available remote control functions include:

  • Remote Menu Activate (brings up a remote menu with various functions like altimeter setting and page advance - image below)
  • Remote Menu Up
  • Remote Menu Down
  • Remote Menu Select
  • Transponder Ident
  • Stopwatch Start/Stop
  • Stopwatch Reset
  • Countdown Start/Stop
  • Alarm Acknowledge
  • Flight Active Detect
  • Vario Tone Switch
  • AOA Tone Switch
  • COM 1 Frequency Flip
  • COM 2 Frequency Flip
  • EFIS Next Page
  • EFIS Previous Page
  • EFIS Next Info
  • EFIS Previous Info
  • EFIS Baro Up
  • EFIS Baro Down
  • EFIS Audio On/Off
  • AP Active NAV/Level
  • AP Active NAV/VSI
  • AP Turn 180/Level
  • AP Straight/Level
  • Descent Detection
  • Transponder Squat Switch

Remote Menu: