XTreme and RDAC XF via Optical Connection


Using the CAN bus where available is always recommended, such as when connecting the XTreme and RDAC XF together. However, if connecting the XTreme to the RDAC XF via the legacy Optical connection, connect as follows:

Opt + from RDAC XF (Pin 4) connects to XTreme 'RDAC' input (Pin 14 on XTreme)
Opt - from RDAC XF (Pin 1) connects to Avionics Ground Bus


When using this Optical Connection, it is important to setup the RDAC Protocol to EXTENDED under MISC settings in the XTreme:

And, when EXTENDED is selected, it is equally important to SET RDAC XF DIP SWITCHES TO A=ON and B=ON 

If these steps are not followed there will be errors such as a voltage reading on the XTreme that is too low and issues with Fuel Pressure and Current indications.