V6 Com Radio Setup and Quick Reference


Here are the steps to setup the V6 Com radio and adjust the settings:

  • Step 1: Adjust volume until you can receive a radio station clearly
  • Step 2: Set the MIC level (while talking into the mic) until bar graph goes 2/3 of the way across the range
  • Step 3: Set VOGAD or VOX level to desired value:

There are 3 VOGAD settings, LOW, MED and HIGH. Each has 8 set points. Note: Only the active selection will display (so you can ignore the non-displayed selections). In other words, if it says VOGAD LOW 6 on the screen, this means that only VOGAD LOW is active, and all the others (VOGAD MED, VOGAD HIGH and VOX) are inactive at this time. Try all of the settings until you get the best results. If you set VOGAD too low, you will hear engine and cockpit noise. If you set it too high, you will not be able to activate the MIC with your voice. If using ANR headset, a VOX setting will probably be best.

If you have a high noise cockpit, you may wish to try turning the High Filter Bandpass ON.

There is a little video here that describes this setup from the 2 min mark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jPTxCBYQ4w

Attachment: Attached is a V6 Radio Quick Reference that can be printed and kept in the airplane. There are 2 versions - the latest V6 firmware is DUAL VOLUME (radios can be sent to MGL Avionics USA for firmware updates)