The RDAC CAN module for UL Power Engines

The RDAC CAN module can be used with Odyssey/Voyager G2 EFIS systems, the XTreme EFIS and EMS as well as all iEFIS systems. The RDAC CAN module connects to the EFIS CAN bus and the CAN bus of an engine ECU system. The model caters for the UL Power range of engines engine which have two ECU systems and uses the CAN Aerospace data format as well as a RS232 interface.

The RDAC CAN connects to both ECUs of the UL Power engine (ECU A and ECU B) and continues to provide engine data from lane B in case of a lane A data failure depending on user selection of the DIP switches.

The RDAC CAN can be configured as "lane exclusive" - in this mode it can be fixed to a particular lane of the UL Power engine. The RDAC CAN emulates RDAC 1 (ECU A) and RDAC 2 (ECU B). For twin engined applications, RDACs 3 and 4 can be emulated in similar fashion.

The RDAC CAN also provides a RS232 interface that can be used with UL Power engines that do not provide a CAN interface. For engines that provide both CAN and RS232 both may be connected providing extra redundancy.

The RDAC CAN further provides two fuel level sender inputs and a current sensor input.

The fuel level sender inputs are compatible with resistive fuel senders but can also be used with any fuel level sender that can provide a DC output in the 0-3V range (internal pull-up resistors used for the resistive level senders can be switched off).

The current sensor input provides for a system that provides a zero current voltage of 2.5V with a range of 2.5V above/below this value.

The manual for the RDAC CAN ULP is attached